Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hello, everyone. Well, I ran my blog by my nephew earlier today. He said it was 'okay, but not all that.' Fine.

Anyway, he taught me how - well, okay, he didn't really teach me, he just did it for me - to add comment boxes, and also a site meter so I can see who is visiting my site. The comment boxes are great, although no one has used them yet. The site meter was, as it turns out, a real downer, since there have been only a few visitors to this site, and (as my nephew did not hesitate to point out to me) these visitors are ultimately only two people - me and him. This is a hard truth for a new blogger to learn.

I will have to find ways to get people to read my blog. Joseph (Joe, that's my nephew, I call him Joseph even though he hates it) tells me that if I link to other people's blogs they might link to me.

I will try to link to the Curt Jester. He is a very funny guy, I really enjoy his spoofs.