Friday, September 02, 2005

Poor Bishop Nienstedt

My good friend Bishop Nienstedt is not a happy man. He called me late last night. He is furious about an article that just came out through the Associated Press. You can click on this to read it. He told me that the article makes him sound like an idiot.

He is quoted: "I don't know where the document is," Nienstedt said in a phone interview Wednesday. "My understanding from the congregation was that it would come out soon."

John said he talked to the reporter for nearly half an hour, mostly about the state of seminaries in the United States. At the very end, the reporter asked about the Vatican document, and Bishop Nienstedt basically said he didn't know anything about it. And, of course, the reporter chose that sentence to put in the article.

Poor Bishop Nienstedt. He has this same problem every time he talks to reporters. When he did an interview in Rome last year on the Apostolic Visitations, he had to write the Holy See and apologize for what was printed in the resulting article. He says he'll be damned if he ever talks to a reporter again. I told him it wasn't that bad, but, well, I'm just glad it wasn't me!