Friday, September 02, 2005

There is another thing about that article, which I mentioned in my last post, that confuses me. Everyone says that the Vatican document is going to ban gays from the priesthood. Well, I read the document a while ago, and it doesn't say anything like that! Now, granted, I read it almost a year ago. My good friend Archbishop Dolan managed to get a copy from Father DiNoia while he was visiting the US on business. He passed it around to a few of us on the hush hush. Well, the document certainly wasn't a glowing endorsement of gay priests, but it didn't really say they should be outright banned either. I don't know what these newspapers are talking about. I have a feeling they're just riling people up. The other possibility is that the document has been revised since I saw it. I don't know. Maybe I'm just as 'out of the loop' as Bishop Nienstedt is!

Okay, well, enough blogging for now. I have to go say mass at the cathedral high school in a few minutes, since they're starting school this week. Then tonight I have a dinner meeting with the college's board of trustees. Somebody shoot me! Well, at least I'm not doing confirmations anymore for a while. A few months ago, those things were making me want to tear my hair out!