Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's not like me to say 'I told you so'...

All my cathedral parishioners are in a tizzy, because they expected this document to bar gays from seminaries, and now they find out from John Allen that it's not. Well, let me just say, if my parishioners had read my blog, they would have known this a month and a half ago:

Everyone says that the Vatican document is going to ban gays from the priesthood. I read the document a while ago, and it doesn't say anything like that! . . . Well, the document certainly wasn't a glowing endorsement of gay priests, but it didn't really say they should be outright banned either. I don't know what these newspapers are talking about. I have a feeling they're just riling people up.

And about that document, I wouldn't hold your breath on it. Give it a little over a month. Let's say, five weeks from yesterday.